Installing a sunroof can help brighten the vehicle interior by letting in more natural light and give improved concentration at the wheel due to constant ventilation.

The sunroofs we supply and install are designed to fit most vehicles, can be manual or electric and are available in a variety of styles. We have many years of experience installing sunroofs and can give advice to help you select the most suitable roof for your vehicle.


Hollandia 100
Hollandia 100 - Popup Sunroof

This pop-up sunroof fits in almost any car and has an impressive modern design and gives a genuine open-air feeling.  This roof is available with either easy-to-use rotary for infinitely variable settings, or hinged latch handle with three different tilt settings.

Hollandia 300
Hollandia 300 - Spoiler Sunroof

The versatile Hollandia 300 spoiler sunroof looks attractive and offers lots of light, air and comfort to cars of all classes. The spoiler system, where the roof is slid backwards over the car roof, can be easily fitted in your car.  This spoiler sunroof gives the open road a whole new meaning!

Hollandia 400
Hollandia 400 - Folding Fabric Sunroof

This sporty folding roof can be opened to any position up to fully open, so it offers lots of light, air and unlimited fun. Eyecatching as the Hollandia 400 is from outside, it is all the more discreet on the inside: it is customized to match the headlining that surrounds it.

Hollandia 500
Hollandia 500 - Panoramic Sunroof

Three panels, one gigantic panorama roof – the Hollandia 500 lends an elegant and sporty look to any car and conveys a real open-air feeling inside. You can configure and combine the panels as you want.- Choose between elegant or sporty design - Front panorama roof tilts and slides panorama roof can either tilt/slide or fixed

Hollandia 700
Hollandia 700 - Inbuilt Sunroof

Thanks to the way it is integrated into the original headlining, it is virtually impossible to distinguish Webasto’s Hollandia 700 from a factory-fitted roof. When closed, the sliding/tilting sunroof forms a perfect unit with the car; when open, it disappears discreetly into the headlining.

Hollandia 900
Hollandia 900

Experience the largest glass area of any aftermarket integrated tilt and slide roof systems – with an eye-catching design. The newly developed twin panel concept is both sensational and comfortable: Whilst the rear glass panel can be opened completely, the front section remains in place as a large wind deflector.

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