Diesel Tuning

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Increase engine performance without causing damage to the engine.

We can supply and fit a system which is specifically designed to provide more torque through the deisel engine particularly in the low to mid range, allowing the driver to change gear more quickly even with an automatic so as a higher gear is achieved giving better fuel economy. These units are designed to improve your performance by no more than 30% which is well within the tolerances of most engines.

How it works:

Todays diesel engines have many sensors which are controlled by the vehicles ECU these signals are processed many thousands of times in one second to maintain that the vehicle is running at its optimum efficiency and keeping the emissions and economy at acceptable levels.

The idea behind the tuning box is to intercept the signal between the ECU and the injection system usally the common rail and basically allows it to inject more fuel into the cylinders thus producing more torque and power, and because of this the engine is running more efficiently the fuel consumption is also improved because you would have to use less throttle for similar conditions.

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