Alarms & Immobilisers

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Why install an aftermarket alarm/immobiliser system?

As well as deterring car thieves the alarm and immobiliser systems we install are all Thatcham accredited and recognised by the UK's major insurers and may bring a reduced insurance group rating or discounted insurance premium.
Many of these alarm systems can also be connected to the vehicles existing remote central locking.

Vehicle Immobiliser

This device prevents the vehicle from being started without a specific key which is supplied with the device.
The immobiliser we install is Thatcham Cat 2 accredited, features an LED Status indication, Electronic Anti-Scan Touch Keys and an automatic arming system.

Alarm Systems

An alarm system protects the vehicle by disouraging theft of the vehicle itself, its contents or both. Once armed the sensors inside the vehicle will detect any movement within and immediately trigger the alarm's siren, alerting you and anyone nearby.

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